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Winter Camping on Spring Break

So most people who live in the mountains go south for Spring Break, as most of us need, well, a BREAK from winter. Sounds like

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Healing chickens, guinea pigs and my back

So I can do more things more comfortably now. Each week is a little better then the week before and I am definitely healing from

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Healing Slowly

I’m not very patient and this healing business just isn’t happening fast enough. I cannot bend, twist or lift.  For four months or so.  What

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Dusting Off the Manuscript

Today I hauled out the 61 page Word Document which makes up the bulk of Horse Vet- Part 2.  I didn’t realize I had so

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School Lunches

So this morning my oldest daughter plucked her sandwich out of her freshly packed lunchbox and fed it to the dog. I didn’t actually witness

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Recovering from Back Surgery

I had major back surgery on Feb 22nd.  They fused my spine and now I have rods and screws and bone grafts and all sorts

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New Book Is Out! “The Stories of Eric the Fox”

So some exciting book news in the aftermath of the Ram truck debacle.  FYI, Ram paid for everything, and I mean, everything on my truck. 

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The Recall on the 2013 Ram Alternator

Well Ram did the proverbial 180 and they did it fast.  On 12/5/2016, they were insisting that the vehicle fire was not their fault.  On

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The Ram saga/nightmare continues…..

The lawyer was great, but my options aren’t. He gave me every possible scenario and since Ram has finally cleared the truck to be assessed

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Day 34- The Burned 2013 Ram 2500 Truck saga continues.

It’s been an illuminating 48 hours since I received the letter from Ram absolving themselves from any responsibility related to the alternator fire which shut

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